Filling Your Prescriptions at Animal Hospital of Rowlett

While it looks like there are dozens of people working on any given day in our hospital, only one or two are veterinarians.

The rest are veterinary technicians, reception staff and kennel assistants. For the safety of your pet, only specific staff members are allowed to assist in filling medications and only after they have passed rigorous verbal and written internal testing. While the technician plays a vital role in the pharmacy, everything done requires a final check by a veterinarian. The veterinarian is responsible for checking each prescription that goes out.

This is not just checking to see if what is in the bottle is what the doctor ordered. It involves ensuring that the medication is compatible with the other medications your pet takes, and your pet’s other health conditions. They also make sure that your pet has no history of allergies to the medication or to one like it.

In addition to filling several medications for several patients every day, the veterinarian is examining sick patients, giving vaccinations, performing dental prophies and other surgical procedures, and is taking care of numerous hospitalized patients and emergency room transfers.

These are just some of the responsibilities that fall on the veterinarians’ shoulders and your patience is greatly appreciated when medications are requested. We will always call you when the medications have been filled and are proud to have a 24 hour turn around on most items (unless out of stock/backorder). We are always happy to fill medications with less than 24 hours notice for a small fee.

Thank you for allowing us to be mutual caretakers of your precious furry family members!!!

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