Five Things Your Vet Wants You to Know

  1. Yearly exams are crucial. Remember that a pet ages about the equivalent of seven human years every year and tremendous changes can happen in those 12 months. The mild staining on your pets teeth last year could now be a nasty case of gingivitis or the mild heart murmur that wasn’t a problem last year could be early stages of heart disease.
  2. Meal time can boost brain power. Dog bowls are old school. Try feeding them with a puzzle where they have to work for their food. Check out our retail area for examples! In addition to feeding in unique ways, ask us to help you select a quality food! Some food companies pay big bucks for marketing, while GOOD food companies pay big bucks for research. It’s no coincidence you took the Blue challenge and ended up with a result telling you to feed Blue Buffalo. That is marketing genius with no research behind it.
  3. Don’t try to diagnose your pet. When in doubt, don’t consult with PetWebMD or Dr. Google. You get what you pay for and when your pet is sick, days matter. You need professional eyes, ears, hands and sometimes diagnostic tests to assess them!
  4. Microchip your pet. A microchip will speak up when your pet can’t and can be what leads you together again! Collars come off, tags fall off…microchips are forever!
  5. Don’t forget about their teeth. Dogs and cats need routine dental care to clean their teeth–including x-rays to reveal hidden problems. Dental disease can cause infections in the heart and kidneys. A full work up does involve anesthesia which is safer than ever, and is necessary to clean under the gum lines where infection lies!

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