The High Price of Low-Cost Vaccines

We know times are tough. We know it often comes down to feeding the family or a vet visit for your furry family member. It’s tempting to find yourself in the lobby of a “low cost vaccine clinic”…but you may want to know how many can be SO low cost.

First, you do “get what you pay for.” All dogs get the same vaccines, regardless of what they are actually due for. The way low cost works is high volume. You cannot read records to determine if the dog had a 3 year rabies or a year long bordetella. Everyone gets vaccinated and they call it an annual vaccine; so guess what? You’re pet is now due for 4 vaccines again next year.

The scariest part of some vaccine clinics are the quality of the vaccines used. To give dirt cheap vaccines, you have to buy dirt cheap vaccines. Did you know there are cat vaccines that are “adjuvanted” and can cause vaccine induced sarcomas (cancer!)? Is it worth saving $6 for a vaccine that could eventually kill your cat? What about dog vaccines like 2 way Leptospirosis instead of the 4 way that is on the market. 2-way means your dog is only protected against 2 strands of the disease instead of 4…and the 2 it doesn’t cover are the most common!

Our vaccine clinic
In an effort to provide you with a SAFER low cost option, we have developed “low cost vaccine hours”. While you will purchase vaccines in a package, we will NEVER lower our standards by using cheap vaccines. Your pet will only receive the best of the best, as they always have at AHR!

Read about Animal Hospital of Rowlett’s Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic

Here’s a warning from the Food and Drug Administration that most Internet pharmacies are fraudulent, selling drugs that likely are counterfeit and could harm or even kill your pets

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