Sheldon and Stone

Dr Clary’s lab Sheldon and Dr Downes’s “career changed first guide dog” Stone caught in a snuggle in the hallway….

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  1. Stone was my first guide dog puppy to raise. I was raising him for Guide Dogs For The Blind under LoneStarPuppyRaisers ( a local club ). Just about the time, he was to go back to “college” as I call it, for more training, I noted that one iris (his right) was darker than the left side. Rushed him off to see Dr Ring (local veterinary ophthalmologist) that agreed with my concern of the pigment. Sometimes pigment in the eye can be a cancer (malignant melanoma) even in a puppy.
    I left Dr Ring's at 8:20am and by 11:30 am GuideDogs had made the decision not have him return to campus and to “career change him”. Did I want to keep him???
    Well, we never wanted him to have a medical problem and certainly not one that could be fatal – we are watching it closely every day – but of course he can stay. So he will eventually be certified as a therapy dog for PetPartners and join Maggie in local visits to nursing homes. He has become a part of the AHR pet team.


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