Block It, Block It Good…

This is a photo of Dorothy, one of our long time registered veterinary technicians, performing a dental cleaning on an anesthetized patient.

You may notice the sign in the background of this picture that says “Block It”.  This is because we use local nerve blocks on our dental procedures as an added “layer” of pain prevention.

When your pet arrives for a surgical procedure, they are given a cocktail of pre-anesthetic drugs and pain control.  Throughout their procedure, they are often given pain medications in their fluids.  Post-operatively, we give more injectable pain medications to prevent them waking up from anesthesia in pain. Then, we send you home with a combination of drugs to give for the days/weeks following surgery.

Pain control is our number one goal.  Can you believe there are actually veterinarians that don’t use pain control after surgeries!  Ouch.

–Christen Lynch

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