Our Competitors Aren’t Doing it Right – How Our Doggie Day Care is Different –

dog day care

Animal Hospital of Rowlett offers Doggie Day Care Monday through Friday with half-day and full-day options available. View the Rowlett Doggie Day Care options available.

Our Animal Hospital of Rowlett Doggie Day Care provides your dog with:

  • Lots of love from pet lovers all day long
  • Activities designed to stimulate their mind
  • Refreshers on basic obedience sit, stay, “no jump”, etc.
  • Daily exercise walks and socialization with other dogs

The first thing you’ll notice with our specialized Doggie Day Care is that we do it differently than our competitors.

While many facilities let all the day care dogs play together with no individual assessment and very little supervision, we only let your dog play with our well-behaved resident animals… not with every other dog who is attending day care. One of the biggest complaints from customers of Doggie Day Care facilities is that their dog was intimidated by all the hyper-active, aggressive dogs or became injured while playing with a much larger dog.

That doesn’t happen here because the number of animals playing together at our Doggie Day Care facility at any given time is limited. Your pet is sure to have a fun, energy-burning day with ONLY dogs who have been thoroughly tested for aggressive tendencies. For instance, Stone is Dr. Downes’ career-change Labrador Retriever from the Guide Dogs for the Blind program, Sheldon is Dr. Clary’s personal Labrador Retriever, Maggie is a certified Pet Partner therapy dog, and Bo is attending obedience and dog training courses with Valerie Fry, our dog trainer.

Call now to schedule your Doggie Day Care appointment at Animal Hospital of Rowlett or click here for more information about Animal Hospital of Rowlett’s Doggie Day Care

Rowlett Doggie Day Care – 972-412-0101

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