Caring For Pets Booster Campaign SUCCESS!

Caring for Pets recently ran a booster campaign selling t-shirts for our foundation.  With the support of our amazing clients, we were able to raise over $350 to help animals in need.  We have already used a portion of these proceeds to help Reese, a sweet little boy who was viciously attacked by 3 other dogs when he got out one evening.

He came to us with large, necrotic wounds on his neck and legs…those doggies definitely didn’t like Reese and he is a lucky boy to be alive.  Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to perform surgery.  Dr. Hurley sedated and cleaned the wounds, placed drains to keep the wounds from filling with pus and infection, and applied bandages with honey and medication to help them heal over.  
Reese came to us for hydrotherapy a few days after his surgery and his wounds were already looking better.  Mommy has been following up with hydrotherapy and bandage changes at home, and we look forward to seeing him completely healed.  Emergency treatment would not have been possible without your generous donations.  
Thank you for always providing us with support for our foundation so that we can help as many pets as possible.  Animal Hospital of Rowlett really does have the BEST clients.  ❤

Learn more about our Caring for Pets Foundation and how you can help sick pets in need:

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