Reeses Torn to Pieces! **Graphic Images**

Reeses Torn to Pieces – Dr Hurley and his Mom put him back together again. A story of time, TLC and healing.

Meet sweet Reeses….

He came to us on January 23 after he had been attacked by some other dogs…he snuck out of the fence and went to try to mate with a nice lady dog down the street.  Unfortunately, when he arrived, so had 2 other much larger male dogs.  The female and both males attacked sweet Reeses who came running home with very severe injuries.

Dr. Hurley placed him under sedation and gave lots of pain medications.  She placed drain tubes to keep the infection out and keep the pus/blood draining and started him on hydrotherapy, where we run warm water over the wounds and then bandage with honey to promote skin growth.  The following pictures are after the surgery and after he had been cleaned up from his wounds.

Reeses came back to the clinic for rechecks after his mommy did hydrotherapy at home.  His wounds had already started closing up and he looked great.  He is such a happy little guy…tail wagging all the time, even when he was hurt.  He licked up during hydrotherapy.  He is a doll.  We removed the drain tubes and let the wounds continue to heal.  They were actually looking great.

Reese’s mommy sent us some new pictures of him after just 4 weeks from his original treatment.  His wounds are healing and the skin has grown over them so much already!  The huge open wounds from his leg are almost completely healed and the neck no longer has any open skin showing.  He is doing amazing and making a wonderful recovery.

Caring for Pets Foundation helped to cover the costs of rechecks, bandaging and a portion of the initial surgery so that Reeses could heal and be back to normal. We are happy his mommy brought him to us and that we were able to help him get back to a healthy pup!  He does not know it yet, but he is coming in for a neuter soon….so he doesn’t try to roam and sneak off again to find a lady friend.  Yay Reeses!  We are so proud of you!


Your AHR family

Here’s more on the Caring for Pets Foundation and how you can help another pet receive critical care

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