Don’t forget the dog while kids are back in school…

While many of us are sending the kiddos back to class, we forget about the time they spent playing and chasing the dog around all summer. Now, doggie is bored at home alone and could use some enrichment so they don’t start chewing up the furniture.

You can check out our AHRDVM Pinterest board for dog and cat enrichment ideas…many of them are free!

Puzzles, go-nuts and stuffed Kong toys can be great ways to keep your pet busy during their time at home.

Studies show a puzzle or treat game can tire out a pet mentally with the same level of stimulation they’d get from running around the dog park! So if you don’t have time to go on the same long walks you took over summer, try out some of the fun ideas to keep them entertained and enriched!

They enrich our lives so much…let’s take the time to give back!

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