We love Dr. D

We decided to share a popular facebook post on our blog too =)

I just have to say how proud I am to work for AHR. I love how the vets care about the animals like their own family.
I’m sure she’d be mortified to know I wrote this, but Dr. Downes told a story today with literal tears streaming down her face. She cried because she cares about how animals are treated – no matter where they’re treated.
Her mommy took her cat to a vet closer to her home to confirm a ringworm diagnosis (Dr. D couldn’t confirm via a texted picture and her mommy doesn’t live locally).
The veterinarian scruffed her cat (even though it will let you do anything to it without any restraint at all) and they administered an unnecessary antibiotic (one that we save for critical things so they don’t become ineffective from too frequent use so now we can’t use it when the cat has future flare ups of an unrelated issue) and they administered another drug that wasn’t needed at all. They didn’t give any antifungals for the ringworm and they used an ear cone for a large dog instead of a small cat which caused the kitty to cry and put its paws over its ears as if to say “stop it”.
She cried, y’all. Tears welled up in her eyes as she talked about how scary that must have been for the kitty. All the vets at AHR commiserated with her and said they couldn’t believe it. It’s sad for our profession that not everyone cares and provides the same level of care.
I’m just thrilled to know I work somewhere that they will always treat my animal with a gentle touch, they’ll always respect me and my pet and will always provide the TOP level of medicine.
I also read on a friends Facebook status just to the other day that Dr. Downes sat in an exam room and cried with them. They came in for a quality-of-life discussion and to start making plans for an elderly pet that may not have much longer. It’s so special to me to know that our doctors care about each and everyone of their patients like it’s their own pet.
Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded. Let’s give this post some “likes” to give some support to our veterinarians, who love each of our animals and provide the best care on earth. It’s a very difficult, emotionally draining job… And we’re so happy that they are here to do it.
– Christen, practice manager (although, I know I speak for the entire staff when I say this…)

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