Bonnie Extraction Fest

We get lots of clients who worry about dental cleanings and think its better for their pet to keep bad teeth than to have no teeth.  When we ask them why, they usually say because they are worried their dog won’t be able to eat or that they will have to eat canned food forever.

Here is a video of my dog Bonnie, a 14 year old rat terrier.  She had over 10 teeth extracted by Dr. Downes during her recent dental cleaning.  Six months prior to that, she had another 4 teeth extracted.  She doesn’t have many teeth left anymore.

Since her dental cleaning, she has gained 2 pounds…and here she is, crunching away on a large kernel dental diet by Royal Canin.  I am so thankful I had her teeth cleaned and that we extracted the teeth that were causing her pain and discomfort.  She is gaining weight and much more comfortable now!

–Christen Lynch

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