Enrichment for Indoor Cats

Enrichment for Indoor Cats: We all know that the safest place for our feline friends is indoors. 

Cats that are allowed to roam could be exposed to deadly viruses, dangerous encounters with other animals and all types of trauma related accidents such as being hit by a car. However, there are safe ways that we can allow our cats fresh air from time to time.

For the luckiest of felines there are outdoor enclosures. Just do a google search or get on pinterest and search for cat enclosures and you will be amazed at what you will find.

Another option is a containment system in the backyard such as Cat Fence-In (www.catfencein.com). Kittens can be taught to walk with a leash and harness. This is best done with kittens before 14 weeks of age.

Just remember, cats are remarkable creatures and fantastic escape artists. Even with enclosures and containment systems, they should not be left unattended!

– Dr. Hurley 

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